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We are pleased to offer mentoring to dancers of all ages and levels of experience, whether they are thinking about starting dance, having second thoughts about whether they should continue dancing, or contemplating a career in dance.
The Balanced Dancer has mastered the art of balance, working as a Lawyer by day and Dancer by night.
As a true advocate of balance who appreciates the challenges of balancing a number of priorities and commitments on a daily basis, The Balanced Dancer loves to share insights to help maximise each and every client's dance experience and to assist with goal setting for a balanced life.
Our passion for balance extends so far that it enables us to offer a truly holistic service to dancers, including career tips, dance assessment coaching, and strategies for dealing with topical issues in the dance environment (such as body image, bullying and favouritism).
Contact The Balanced Dancer today to arrange a confidential mentoring session.
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