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Wedding dance lessons Brisbane

...5, 6, 7, 8!


Not your typical wedding dance instructor.

Our Founder, Natalie, draws on her 30+ years in the dance industry to bring a bespoke and truly unique dance experience for brides and grooms.

Now, picture this, it's 2015 and you are planning a wedding. Cake, venue, dress, flowers, decorations, pretty much all of your wedding elements are looking spectacular - the options are endless. But wait, you have been searching far and wide for wedding dance lessons for a first dance to suit you and your partner's quirks and personality - nothing! *This is a snapshot of the wedding planning process for Natalie and hubby, Ivan. So, lo and behold, The Balanced Dancer was born!

A wedding dance experience for today's couple, The Balanced Dancer brings a special dimension to your wedding dance lessons, having choreographed some of the most dynamic first wedding routines you will ever see. This might have something to do with Natalie's experience across a wide range of dance genres, including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballroom (just don't ask us to pick a favourite dance style!)

Find out more about our exclusive wedding dance packages here.

If you have stumbled across our page and are looking for the ultimate gift for the gorgeous couple who are in wedding-planning mode, head over here to purchase one of our exclusive gift vouchers.

We look forward to welcoming you in the dance studio (or meeting you in the comfort of your home) to create something truly magical together for your big day.

Natalie AKA The Balanced Dancer

"Natalie is an amazing dance teacher. The Balanced Dancer worked with my husband and me for our wedding dance over 5 weeks and choreographed our dance to a unique song we had chosen. Natalie ensured we were at ease, and that we understood and were comfortable with all the moves. Our wedding dance was a hit and people still talk about it today! If you are looking for a professional who will work closely with you to create an amazing dance that people will remember for years to come, choose The Balanced Dancer."


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