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  • What makes The Balanced Dancer different to other wedding dance lesson providers?
    Unlike most wedding dance services, our choreographed dance pieces are bespoke, tailored to your needs and offer a unique edge. We gladly incorporate different dance styles in the one routine for an unforgettable event. We travel to you (whether this is at your home or studio close to you from our wide network of providers). Every private lesson is conducted by our Founder, Natalie, who brings over 30 years of dance experience in (almost) every dance genre possible. We only create your first wedding dance after getting to know you (as one size definitely does not fit all). No cookie-cutters here! We can keep going. These are just some of the small things that set us apart from every other wedding dance provider.
  • Why does The Balanced Dancer pricing differ to other wedding dance lesson providers?
    We are bespoke, so one size does not fit all. As you conduct research for your ideal wedding dance vendor, you will probably notice our pricing sits higher than other wedding dance providers. We are not shy about this. In fact, as one of Australia's longest standing wedding dance providers, our pricing reflects the bespoke nature of our wedding dance services. Every lesson is conducted by our Founding Director, Natalie, as we want every wedding couple to receive the best possible first wedding dance experience. Check out our other FAQs (as well as our client testimonials across our website, Facebook page and Google) to see how we are truly offering an unrivalled wedding dance service in the Australian wedding dance market. Our pricing for wedding dance services are flexible to suit your budget (and your wedding day goals!) When you enquire about our wedding dance services, we will ask you for the budget you have set aside for your first dance. We want to fit in with your wedding day (and planning) as seamlessly as possible to ensure you get the most out of your wedding dance journey with us. Don't worry, if you don't have a set budget in mind, we will help you identify which of our packages best suit your wedding day goals.
  • Do you offer an online wedding dance course?
    Yes, we sure do! Our Founder has developed 'Boxed Steps' - a unique and revolutionary online wedding dance course to help you create your first wedding dance in the comfort of your own home. Check out Boxed Steps here.
  • How long has The Balanced Dancer been in operation?
    Almost 10 years! Weeeee! We have guided hundreds of brides and grooms in creating the most unique and unforgettable first wedding dances for their big day. Don't just ask us, check out our 100% 5-star client testimonials featured throughout our website, on our socials (Facebook) and on Google. Trust us, we are obsessed with first wedding dances and turning two left feet into a right and left foot.
  • How far in advance of our lesson should we book wedding lessons?
    We recommend a 3 to 6 month window before your wedding day to develop your first wedding dance. But, never fear, if you are late to the party (with only a month or less to your wedding day), subject to availability, we can still help you create some dance floor magic for your big day. The bigger your wedding dance goals (for example, if you are looking for a fully choreographed 2-3 minute dance) the earlier we recommend you book your lessons to ensure we have availability for you. If you are simply looking for a few short lessons with a wedding dance coach to teach you both how to look less awkward on the dance floor, then a 1 to 2 month window (or less) will do.
  • How many wedding lessons do we need?
    As little as 1 and as much as 10. It's all up to you and your desires for your first wedding dance. We would generally recommend at least 4 to 5 hours of lessons in order to learn wedding dance technique and a complete dance routine. From our clients' experience, they generally like to 'add-on' an additional 2 to 3 lessons to polish their technique and performance confidence in the lead up to the wedding. However, there is no pressure to complete more than 1 or 2 hours of lessons, and a selection of our clients opt for this option to simply learn basic wedding dance technique and some moves without the pressure of memorising a whole routine (completely up to you!).
  • Do we need to prepare anything in advance of our first wedding dance lesson?
    In short, the answer is no. Come to your wedding dance lessons with an open mind and let our creative juices flow for you. However, if you are vibing a particular song, genre or theme, please let us know with your enquiry (or in the lead up to your first dance lesson), so we can be better prepared in assisting you with your wedding dance journey. We provide couples with heaps of tips before their first lesson, so you're not left wondering (or nervous) about what your wedding dance lessons involve.
  • How long does each lesson generally last?
    Lessons are offered for a minimum of 1 hour and up to 2 hours, depending on lesson and studio availability, proximity to wedding date and personal preference.
  • Are we the only couple in the studio?
    Of course - this is just another reason why we are so bespoke. Unlike most wedding dance providers who offer multi-couple lessons, we only offer private one-on-one couple wedding dance lessons. This means you and your dance coach have the whole studio to yourselves. YAY! No awkward side glances and comparisons with other couples.
  • Do we have any guides to help us practice between lessons?
    Yes, of course! We film the key moves and choreography taught to you in every single lesson, which we provide to every couple following each lesson. This is to guide you while practising your dance moves at home between your lessons. Trust us, our clients love this offering (and bonus, it's included in every single package we offer - big or small).
  • What do we wear to our dance lessons?
    Comfy clothes to start with - anything you would wear to the gym. Depending on your lessons package and how many lessons you have booked with us, we might ask you to bring along to your lessons some special items (shoes, particular items of clothing) to help familiarise you with your wedding dance environment on the day of your wedding.
  • Will we be less nervous with our first dance on our wedding day?
    We'll start by saying - you will not be nerve-free when it comes to performing your first dance on your wedding day. No performer - professional or amateur - can shake those pre-performance nerves (unless they are not human). Our Founder, Natalie, has danced since the young age of 6 - that's a few decades ago for her - and even now, to this date, she will experience nerves and jitters before any kind of performance. Nerves will make your first dance performance shine - once you ease into the moves (which you would have practised before your big day), the nerves do tend to disappear and feelings of adrenaline and excitement take over. So much, that your guests will witness your confidence as you move through your first dance (and you're guaranteed a cheer from them with the right choreography for your first dance!) What our wedding dance lessons give you is three-fold - knowledge, technique and fun. Mix these ingredients up and you are guaranteed a less nervous first dance on your big day!
  • How do we ensure our first dance goes off without a hitch on our big day?
    In line with our bespoke service offering, and with your consent, we communicate with your other wedding vendors (including wedding planner, reception venue, videographer, photographer, special effects crew) ahead of your wedding day to ensure your first dance goes off without a hitch. For example, we update your photo and video crew about the layout of your first dance so they are aware how to best capture the special sections of your first dance to create memories for a lifetime. We speak to your smoke machine and sparkler lights crew to ensure the highlights of your first dance are emphasised for all to see. Talk about the X-factor!
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