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gift vouchers. you're welcome.

Give the gift that keeps giving.

Let's face it. A wedding is a very personal event for brides and grooms. As close friends and family, as much as we would all love to pitch in and assist the couple with their wedding planning, it's difficult to know where to start.

Now, this is where we fit in. We are here to help you take the guess work out of organising a memorable gift for the gorgeous couple, whether that's for their engagement or a surprise along their wedding planning journey.

So, drumroll ... here's your opportunity to provide your loved ones with the ultimate wedding planning gift - an exclusive e-gift voucher to use towards The Balanced Dancer's wedding dance services. Yippee!

Purchase one of our exclusive e-gift vouchers and they will be customised and delivered straight to your email inbox!

Given the bespoke nature of weddings, we don't take the cookie-cutter approach with our wedding dances (or gift vouchers for that matter). Contact us to personalise your gift for the gorgeous couple.

"The Balanced Dancer was fantastic for Chloe and me. Natalie choreographed the most perfect of routines for us to a very unique song. Chloe and I had a fantastic time learning from The Balanced Dancer and would absolutely recommend to all couples wanting to learn a first dance routine. We will remember our dance lesson and dance forever! Thank you, The Balanced Dancer!"


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