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Wedding dance lessons Brisbane

get in touch with us today.

In terms of our location, The Balanced Dancer offers a truly niche wedding dance experience.


We do not have a fixed address and neither should your wedding dance (did you like what we did there?) Unlike traditional dance studios where students are limited to learning dance in one location, we are flexible in conducting your wedding dance lessons at a location within the Brisbane region that is convenient to you, whether this is close to home, work or your favourite restaurant.

Through our wide network of various dance spaces around Brisbane, you can spend less time rushing to your wedding dance lessons and more time getting the most out of your wedding dance journey with us.


Contact us today to get the ball rolling on what we promise to be the most exciting couple-bonding experience in the lead up to your wedding day. Gift voucher enquiries can be made here too.

Thanks for getting in touch. We are ready to rock 'n roll! Or krump. Or slide. Whatever tickles your fancy, really.

By submitting an enquiry with The Balanced Dancer, you consent to receiving email communications from The Balanced Dancer from time to time.

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